Aerial Drone Imagery Services IN AUSTRALIA

Aerial Mapping and Drone Imagery

Our certified experts offer a comprehensive range of drone imagery services in Australia, including aerial mapping & detailed insights into geographical layouts for your various construction projects. We are experienced in examining your essential assets from above, covering tasks like inspecting changes and calculating volumes for your construction project. 

Moreover, our specialty lies in turning raw data into detailed 3D models through Point Cloud Modeling. The accuracy of these models depends on how well we capture the images from drones and process the data. Our team, with the largest network of certified drone pilots across Australia, utilises the latest technology for data capture and processing.


    ​Looking for georeferencing drone imagery services in Australia for your construction projects? Don’t worry. We help various industries with projects of all sizes. Our team uses knowledge from different sectors to solve problems and create customised solutions. Contact us to make sure your construction operations are efficient and valuable!



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    Why Do You Need CEH for Drone Imagery?

    Using drone imagery services is essential for gaining unparalleled perspectives and enhancing project efficiency. Here’s why you need our specialised services:

    1. Clearer View of Project: We use advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or aerial imagery drones that comply with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) regulations and are operated by certified pilots to provide accurate data. 
    2. Dynamic Videography: Our services offer dynamic videography, capturing real-time visuals of your project. This insight is vital for progress tracking, presentations, and stakeholder communication.
    3. Less Time, More Data: An aerial surveying drone captures many images and collects more data on complex & large projects in a short time. Due to this, these surveys are great for reporting quantities & conformance.
    4. Ability to Map Inaccessible Areas: Our special drones for mapping can go anywhere! They can fly to places that are hard to reach, like steep slopes or rugged terrain where regular measuring tools can’t go.
    5. Orthographic Mapping: This is a way of creating flat, detailed maps from aerial or satellite imagery. It helps us see and understand the features of an area more clearly, making it useful for various purposes like urban planning, surveying, and environmental monitoring.

    6. Precision with Point Cloud Modeling: We use advanced technology to convert raw data into precise 3D models, enabling accurate measurements, design evaluations, and streamlined decision-making.



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    Great business to deal with...always professional and all the staff are so friendly. Highly recommend
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    Prompt, courteous, professional and most importantly, accurate in the execution of their works.
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    I have worked with CEH for the past 10 years, they provide an efficient, and top quality of service
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    Matthew and the team are brilliant, service is always prompt, extremely great surveyors to work with, we tell all of our clients and builders to use them A+ service
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    Why is using drones for surveying better compared to traditional methods?

    Using drones for surveys is better than traditional methods. It’s quicker, cheaper, safer, more accurate, and works well in different environments. Traditionally, people did surveys on foot or with tools on the ground, like total stations or GPS.

    How are drones used for infrastructure development?

    Drones, with their high-quality cameras and sensors, make it easy to inspect towers, antennas, and other infrastructure parts in detail. This enhances safety for workers, as drones can go to difficult or dangerous places, minimising the need for people to be directly involved.

    How does CEH process and analyse the data collected through drone imagery?

    Our experts use advanced software to process drone-captured data. We conduct detailed analyses, including point cloud modelling and 3D mapping. These insights are presented in comprehensible formats, aiding project planning and execution.

    What is drone imagery used for?

    Using drone images lets us get data almost in near real-time. This helps us check things quickly and make fast decisions, responding quickly when needed, whether it’s for specific plans or general use.

    Can drone imagery services be customised based on specific project requirements?

    Certainly, CEH drone imagery services are highly adaptable. We customise our approaches based on project needs, ensuring the data captured aligns precisely with the client’s objectives, whether it’s for construction, agriculture, or environmental studies.

    Are there legal implications associated with drone imagery, and how does CEH handle regulatory requirements?

    Yes, there are legal considerations, especially concerning airspace regulations and privacy laws. CEH Consulting is well-versed in these regulations and ensures all operations adhere to legal frameworks, safeguarding both the clients’ and the public’s interests.