CEH Consulting PTY LTD.

A multi-disciplinary surveying firm with over 30 years experience within the land development, residential and mining industries.


CEH is proud to provide experienced professionals who are able to service all clients needs in a friendly,

informative and efficient manner.

Land Consultancy
  • Rural and residential subdivisions
  • Strata & Stratum subdivisions
  • Dual occupancy subdivisions
  • Boundary re-establishment survey
  • Property Council of Australia report
  • Identification report
  • Building set out
  • Creation of Easements and restrictions
  • Plan lodgements at the LRS
Mine Surveying
  • Volumetric survey
  • Mine subsidence
  • Statutory mine plan and GIS reporting
  • Section 138 Application
  • Mine engineering surveys
  • Mine infrastructure surveys
  • Mining Lease surveys
  • Bore hole location
  • Mine baseline establishment
  • Laser scanning drifts, cavities & infrastructure
  • Survey labour hire
Engineering Surveying
  • Site analysis survey and plan
  • Subdivision set out survey
  • Volumetric survey
  • Industrial metrology
  • Feature and detail surveys
Town Planning
  • Project management
  • Subdivision Development application
  • Construction Certificate applications
  • Land rezoning
  • Subdivision design
  • Subdivision construction contracts
  • Shadow Diagrams
Drone Imagery
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Videography
  • Asset Inspections
  • Point Cloud Modeling
  • Construction Monitoring

CEH Consulting PTY LTD

Our Clients & Partners

Huntley Private Hospital

For this new and exciting project CEH currently supplies surveying services for the design of the hospital, subdivision of land and land use management.

Shell Cove Estate

Shell Cove Estate is an ongoing project where CEH supplies engineering survey consultancy services in addition to cadastral services for the formation of new greenfield subdivision plans.

Tahmoor Colliery

CEH is currently the preferred supplier for survey services at Tahmoor colliery with such projects as mine baseline establishment, stockpile surveys, bore hole surveys, mining lease plans, infrastructure setout and terrestrial laser scanning.

Metropolitan Colliery

Metropolitan Colliery is an underground coal mine where CEH supplies constant monitoring of land subsidence due to the coal extraction. The subsidence is measured using GPS equipment and conventional traversing techniques. CEH has been awarded the contract to supply the survey services for the colliery’s surface infrastructure upgrade.


Riegl VZ400

Laser Scanning

CEH have scanned the drift at Metro colliery, providing a dense point cloud data set suitable for determining the positioning of the drift against design, volumes and structural details for infrastructure design.

UAV Surveys

Using the Mavinci Pro, CEH has mapped Boral and PGH quarries. Providing unprecedented 3D imagery suitable for volumes, material movement records and mine designs.

Huntley Hospital

Work has begun at the Huntley Hospital with CEH provding expert land titling consultancy and land surveying services.

Interesting CEH Data

Land Consultancy, Cadastral, Residential, Industrial, Engineering, Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Mining industries within Australia and overseas.









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