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Maximising Development Potential Through Town Planning

Building a property in Australia can be complex without the right help. That’s where our team at CEH Consulting PTY Ltd comes in. We’re experts in making the process smooth for our clients. Our town planning consultants know the rules and policies for both the local areas and the states in Australia, and we’re dedicated to getting the best results for our clients. This helps us understand and work well with Councils and Private Certifiers. 

First, we look into the land to see what can be done with it. We find out what’s good about the land and what might make things difficult. Then, we guide you through the different ways to get approval for your construction project. This helps us make the best use of the land. Moreover, we stay updated on the latest planning laws and rules.


    Whether you need the best urban planning services in Australia or professional advice from our town planning consultants for approval for your project, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is pick up your phone and call us to get your journey started!



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    Why Do You Need Town Planning Services?

    At CEH, our town planning services are essential for several compelling reasons:

    Complimentary Property Advice: Receive valuable insights and advice on your property at no cost. Our experts are here to guide you through the initial stages of your project.

    Preliminary Planning Assessment & Evaluations: We conduct thorough assessments and evaluations to understand the planning requirements for your property. This step is essential for a well-informed development strategy.

    Due-Diligence Analysis and Reports: Our team performs due diligence to provide you with detailed analyses and reports. This ensures that you are aware of all potential challenges and opportunities associated with your construction project.

    Clause 4.6 Variations: Our experts guide you through Clause 4.6 variations, ensuring that your project aligns with zoning and development controls while seeking necessary exemptions.

    Development Certificate Guidance: Our town planning consultants streamline the approval process with guidance on completing development Certificates, allowing for faster and more straightforward approvals for eligible developments.

    Building Information Certificate: We help you obtain the necessary Building Information Certificates to demonstrate compliance with building regulations, contributing to the overall approval process.

    Council Representation: We represent you in dealings with local councils, facilitating effective communication and ensuring that your project aligns with their requirements.



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    Great business to deal with...always professional and all the staff are so friendly. Highly recommend
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    Prompt, courteous, professional and most importantly, accurate in the execution of their works.
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    I have worked with CEH for the past 10 years, they provide an efficient, and top quality of service
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    Matthew and the team are brilliant, service is always prompt, extremely great surveyors to work with, we tell all of our clients and builders to use them A+ service
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    What is town planning?

    Town planning is about figuring out how to design and plan new buildings, roads, and parks in a place. The goal is to make everything look nice and easy for the people who live there to use and enjoy.

    How long does it typically take to get Council Approval in Australia?

    We won’t give you a made-up timeframe just to impress you. Honestly, how long it takes to get approval depends on a bunch of things. It relies on the type of construction project, the local council, the person at the council looking at your application, where your property is in the council area, and other factors. The approval process usually takes longer than you might think because we have to deal with a lot of administrative stuff.

    What is zoning in town planning?

    Zoning is like a plan that decides what can be built where in a town or area. It sets rules for different zones, like how tall buildings can be, where green spaces should be, how many buildings can be in one place, and what kinds of businesses are allowed.

    Why is town planning necessary?

    Town planning is crucial because it ensures organised and sustainable development in urban areas. Without proper planning, cities and towns may face challenges such as inefficient use of space, traffic congestion, inadequate infrastructure, and a lack of essential services. Planning helps allocate land for different purposes, like housing, businesses, and recreational spaces, ensuring a well-balanced and functional community.

    Do you subdivide before or after construction?

    Well, in many situations, you can split the land without building anything first. But here’s the thing: most of the time, you’ll need to get approval for the development before you can actually divide the land. It’s like getting the green light before making any changes. This helps make sure everything goes smoothly.

    Is CEH Consulting PTY Ltd experienced in handling both residential and commercial town planning projects in Australia?

    Yes, we have a diverse portfolio, including residential and commercial town planning projects. We have more than 50 years of experience in housing developments, commercial complexes, and mixed-use spaces catered to meet the special needs of each construction project in Australia.