Subdivision projects require an understanding of legislation and law but also the use of advanced technologies and strategic partnerships. We combine our legal expertise with advanced technology to ensure smooth and efficient project execution.




Leveraging Legislation and Law

Our approach is rooted in an understanding of legislation and law. While there may not be any groundbreaking new technologies specific to subdivision, our mastery of legal requirements and regulatory frameworks sets us apart. This knowledge enables us to navigate the complexities of subdivision projects with precision.




Strategic Partnerships

We pride ourselves on having exclusive partnerships that facilitate faster project approvals and smoother processes. Our connections with subdivision certifiers and consultants are instrumental in accelerating project timelines. By knowing the right people and having the right contacts within government bodies, we can push through potential hurdles more effectively.




Advanced Tools and Software


In addition to our strategic partnerships, we utilise advanced tools like NearMaps, web-based imagery processing and reviewing software that allows us to obtain detailed and up-to-date images of project sites. This technology enhances our ability to plan and execute subdivision projects with greater accuracy. 

In the process of subdividing land, several advanced surveying tools are essential to ensure precision and accuracy. Among these, the Riegl VZ-400 laser scanner stands out for its ability to capture highly detailed 3D data points. Additionally, the Leica PinPoint R500 Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) total station, paired with a round prism, is crucial for obtaining precise distance measurements. These tools, combined with advanced GPS systems and drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, allow surveyors to meticulously map out land parcels, identify potential challenges, and ensure that all subdivisions adhere to local zoning regulations and environmental considerations.



Comprehensive Consultant Collaboration

Our collaboration with a network of consultants ensures that we cover all aspects of subdivision projects. These consultants provide specialised expertise, from initial surveys to final approvals, ensuring that every detail is meticulously managed.



Laser scanning for land development projects.

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Combines drone imagery and laser scanning point clouds to model infrastructure.

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Full suite of official surveys and reports for required for residential or commercial subdivisions.

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Including engineering & infrastructure surveys, bore hole locations and laser scanning drifts & cavities.

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We will complete your site analysis, building set out and volumetric surveys as well as industrial metrology.

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Helping you project manage with your development and certification applications as well as rezoning and subdivision needs.

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Using the latest technology for aerial mapping, asset inspections and Point Cloud modelling.


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Emily BainEmily Bain
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Great business to deal with...always professional and all the staff are so friendly. Highly recommend
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07:09 23 Mar 23
Prompt, courteous, professional and most importantly, accurate in the execution of their works.
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21:53 20 Mar 23
I have worked with CEH for the past 10 years, they provide an efficient, and top quality of service
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11:52 17 Aug 20
Matthew and the team are brilliant, service is always prompt, extremely great surveyors to work with, we tell all of our clients and builders to use them A+ service
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