Subdivision projects can be complex and challenging, requiring not only technical expertise but also a deep understanding of the legislative landscape. Our subdivision services stand out due to our comprehensive knowledge and strategic approach, ensuring that we deliver effective and efficient results on time every time.  

In-Depth Understanding of Legislation

One of the key factors that make our subdivision services so effective is our extensive understanding of the legislative framework. Unlike the average surveyor, we invest significant time in reading and comprehending the legislation. This expertise allows us to make informed decisions about what can and cannot be done on a land parcel, guiding the subdivision process through the most efficient paths.

Strategic Decision-Making

Our ability to interpret and apply legislation places us in a unique position to navigate the complexities of land subdivision. We are adept at identifying the most viable options for development, pushing through hurdles, and even mitigating potential obstacles before they arise. This strategic foresight is crucial in ensuring that the project progresses smoothly.


Town Planning advisory in Wollongong and surrounding areas.


Proficiency in Forecasting and Mitigation

A major aspect of our service is our proficiency in forecasting potential hurdles and addressing them promptly. By foreseeing potential logjams in the process, we can deal with them early on, preventing delays in the consent process or complications with Development Application (DA) consent conditions. This proactive approach ensures that the project timeline from start to finish is significantly reduced, avoiding unnecessary hold-ups.

Efficient Management of DA Consent Conditions

Managing DA consent conditions is another area where we excel. Our thorough understanding of these conditions allows us to address them effectively, ensuring that all requirements are met without delay. By dealing with these conditions efficiently, we ensure that the project remains on track and within the stipulated time frame.

Our subdivision services are distinguished by our understanding of the legislative process, strategic decision-making capabilities, and proactive management of potential hurdles. This combination of skills and knowledge allows us to deliver effective and efficient subdivision projects. By choosing our services, you can be assured of a seamless process from start to finish, with a team that is dedicated to overcoming challenges and ensuring your project’s success. If you are looking for reliable and proficient subdivision services, we are here to provide you with the expertise you need.


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Why is using drones for surveying better compared to traditional methods?

Using drones for surveys is better than traditional methods. It’s quicker, cheaper, safer, more accurate, and works well in different environments. Traditionally, people did surveys on foot or with tools on the ground, like total stations or GPS.

How are drones used for infrastructure development?

Drones, with their high-quality cameras and sensors, make it easy to inspect towers, antennas, and other infrastructure parts in detail. This enhances safety for workers, as drones can go to difficult or dangerous places, minimising the need for people to be directly involved.

How does CEH process and analyse the data collected through drone imagery?

Our experts use advanced software to process drone-captured data. We conduct detailed analyses, including point cloud modelling and 3D mapping. These insights are presented in comprehensible formats, aiding project planning and execution.

What is drone imagery used for?

Using drone images lets us get data almost in near real-time. This helps us check things quickly and make fast decisions, responding quickly when needed, whether it’s for specific plans or general use.

Can drone imagery services be customised based on specific project requirements?

Certainly, CEH drone imagery services are highly adaptable. We customise our approaches based on project needs, ensuring the data captured aligns precisely with the client’s objectives, whether it’s for construction, agriculture, or environmental studies.

Are there legal implications associated with drone imagery, and how does CEH handle regulatory requirements?

Yes, there are legal considerations, especially concerning airspace regulations and privacy laws. CEH Consulting is well-versed in these regulations and ensures all operations adhere to legal frameworks, safeguarding both the clients’ and the public’s interests.


Why subdivide my land?

Why subdivide my land?

Why Would Someone Want/Need to Subdivide Their Land? Land subdivision is the process of dividing a larger parcel of land into smaller, individual lots for...