We’re thrilled to embark on a comprehensive detail survey project at Old Southern Road, South Nowra. This marks another step in our commitment to precision and excellence in surveying services.




Project Overview:

Our task involves conducting a detail survey as per the specified scope for Lot 2 DP 1126288 & Lot 224 DP755952. The objective? To contribute to the formulation of a masterplan for the site’s owners.


Here’s what our survey entails:

  • Levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD): We’re measuring and recording levels to ensure accurate elevation data.
  • Identification of Vegetated Areas: Locating and delineating vegetated areas on the site, providing crucial insights for planning and development.
  • Mapping Individual Trees: Pinpointing isolated trees with precision, including accurate measurements of height and crown spread.
  • Defining the Centreline of Browns Creek: Delving into the topography to identify and define the centreline of Browns Creek, a vital natural feature of the area.
  • Locating Powerlines and Poles: Mapping the infrastructure of powerlines and poles to facilitate informed decision-making during planning and construction.
  • Surveying Both Sides of Warra Warra Road: Conducting a thorough detail survey on both sides of Warra Warra Road, including the identification and mapping of all drainage structures with levels provided to AHD.
  • Identifying Rifle Range Gates: Locating and documenting the gates of the adjoining rifle range situated at the end of Warra Warra Road.
  • Mapping Edge of Vegetation: Precisely determining the edge of vegetation on all surrounding land, crucial for generating reports and addressing bushfire safety concerns.
  • Outputting Survey in 3D Triangulated Format: In response to the requirements of our engineering consultants, we’re ensuring that the survey data is outputted in a 3D triangulated format, facilitating advanced analysis and visualisation.

This project shows our dedication to delivering comprehensive surveying solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.


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