At CEH Consulting, our team of expert Land Surveyors plays an important role in providing precise results for developers, builders, and owner builders alike. From the initial planning stages to post-construction documentation, our dedicated Land Surveyors offer invaluable assistance throughout the entire construction process.


Here’s a breakdown of how our Land Surveyors contribute to construction projects:


Site Analysis and Design Support:

Our land surveyors provide architects with accurate site information, including tree positions, visible services, and land levels.

We generate detailed 3D models of the site to aid in design planning, ensuring thoroughness and precision at every step.

Construction Stage Support:

Our experienced land surveyors place physical marks on-site according to approved architectural plans, guiding construction activities with precision and accuracy.

With multiple site visits, our adept Land Surveyors mark out various aspects of the new development, ensuring adherence to project specifications and requirements.


How CEH Consulting’s Land Surveyors Mitigate Risks and Costs:

Avoiding Rebuilding:

By leveraging our expertise, we provide precise measurements of boundary lines and building positions, effectively preventing constructions in incorrect locations. This proactive approach helps avoid potential demolition orders and occupancy certificate issues, saving both time and money.

Preventing Legal Costs:

Our services helps mitigate legal risks associated with unauthorised construction. With our expertise, we ensure compliance with regulations, reducing the likelihood of legal disputes and associated costs.


Utilising Specialised Equipment and Technologies:

At CEH Consulting, our Land Surveyors utilise advanced technologies like 3D laser scanning (LiDAR) to expedite site surveys, resulting in faster plan completion for architects and enhanced project efficiency.

Additionally, our adept use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) enables efficient scanning of large areas, even in challenging terrains. This innovative approach not only reduces survey time but also enhances safety on-site.


The demand for expert Land Surveyors is on the rise across Australia, and at CEH Consulting, we are dedicated to delivering accurate information using cutting-edge surveying technology. By partnering with us, developers, builders, and owners can streamline their construction projects, adhere to timelines, and proactively address potential challenges. With our Land Surveyors at the helm, clients can reduce costs, ensure project success, and achieve their construction goals with confidence.


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